Taiwan government legalizes same-sex marriage

It is a long fight won by the locals of Taiwan as local judges have ruled in favor of gay marriage. Before the announcement, there were 21 countries in which gay marriages are considered to be legal and Taiwan has joined the pact.

It is about the equality and the rights which have been offered to all the citizens of the country and it took almost two years for the parliament to reshuffle the existed laws with the new one.

It was the fight between the people of the same country as LBGT community has suffered a lot with increasing discrimination in the region. People looked down upon them and embarrassed them publicly for the sins they have never committed.

It was a benchmark for all other countries which are still fighting with same circumstances and on Wednesday, Taiwan gave a new hope to this community. The statement was released in the press about the judgment of the court and it started “disallowing two persons of the same sex to marry, for the sake of safeguarding basic ethical orders” constituted a “different treatment” with “no rational basis”.

It is all against the rights which have been offered to provide the equality among the population of Taiwan. No discrimination will be tolerated and the strict actions will be taken against the violators.

It is the decision which has been taken by the officials of the court and still it is time for the Parliament on how they will take this further and how they will make changes in their legislation.

Generally, parliament is run by two parties and the people from left and it is feared that the rules will be passed that allows the marriage of same-sex with some rights which might be not equal to the rights of the normal person.

Still, it is an ongoing discussion within other communities as people from religious and parents groups are working to go against the law which has been passed by the judges as they believed that it is against nature. According to them, it should be discussed with the communities including all the people from the society but not by few people from higher authorities.


The country is known for its liberal values and holds the biggest annual gay pride event in the region. With so much happened in the past for the support of LBGT community, it will be tough to see any decision to go against them.

The revolution started when the president Tsai Ing-wen showed an open support for the community and after the mass protests by the community. The parliament of the country has two-year expansion and it will be noticeable to check the steps taken by them in favor of the community. If parliament will fail to pass any law, same-sex couples could register to marry based on its ruling.

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